Question: QtY is suitable for which type of business and which business should really use QtY?

Answer: Actually, QtY is suitable for all businesses that have queue. However, the businesses that we highly recommend to use QtY are coffee shop, café, restaurant, fast food restaurant, Bingsu shop, ice cream shop, food truck, beauty clinic and spa.

Question: What is the minimum order quantity?

Answer: The minimum order is 1 Qty set which has 10 Qty devices + Keypad+ 1 wireless charger.

Question: How do I make a payment and how do you deliver?

Answer: After you confirm the purchase, please make a deposit payment of 30% of the total price and send us your logo file with .ai extension. After we test and complete the logo setting to your satisfaction, please pay for the remaining amount and we will deliver the products to you. We have delivery team in Bangkok and Metropolitan area. For other areas, we will use postal service or if our delivery team goes to that area, we will let the team deliver the products which this is a case by case delivery.

Question: Can I order more QtY devices?

Answer: Yes, you can. The minimum order is 5 pieces.

Question: How far is the signal distance?

Answer: The signal can go up to 750 meters with the average of 300 meters by calculating from the obstacles such as walls, other radio signals that might reduce the strength of QtY signal. For big coffee shop, there is no problem regarding the signal.^^

Question: Does the product have a warranty?

Answer: Yes, our product has 1 year warranty. ^^

Question: Is it theftproof?

Answer: QtY has theftproof system. If somebody tries to take a QtY out of signal distance, QtY will send an alarm. However, we have never experienced this issue as QtY is unable to be used alone. It needs a calling pad and charger. In case a customer takes a QtY away, or think a QtY is a shop souvenir, after a QtY sending alarms a customer will return a QtY to the shop. ^^

Question: Can a QtY take more orders in a queue if the orders are not ready at the same time?

Answer: Yes. For example, if there are 2 orders which have different preparation time, after the first order is done staff will send a notification to a customer to pick up the first order which a customer does not have to return the QtY yet (or if a customer return it, a staff and send back the same QtY to the customer). When the second order is done, a customer returns a QtY and gets the food. It is as simple as that.

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